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The course can be accessed anytime after purchase.

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The course can be accessed anytime after purchase.


4.5 hours

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What You Learn
  • Creative steps to creating great YouTube content, and gathering an audience.
  • Understand what YouTube will demand from you, and its rewards.
  • It’s important to get things technically correct, but even more important to engage your audience in the first 10 seconds.
  • Learn vital and valuable shoot and editing techniques and stop yourself falling into the all too common beginners’ traps.
  • How to shoot great footage for the edit. Your footage will not only be better, but better suited to audience retention.
  • Love the creative process!
  • Good editing is easy. The trouble is, bad editing goes unnoticed by the editor, but not by the audience.
  • How to make your audience care is the single most important element in gathering and keeping a YouTube audience.
  • Subscribers versus watch time: Understanding how your audience reacts to your work can be the difference between success and failure.
  • How to earn income from YouTube and all its many facets and opportunities.

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Anyone with an interest to be a content creator on YouTube

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Singapore Citizens Aged 40 Years Old & Above


Singapore Citizens/ Spr Aged 39 Years Old & Below