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The course is open and ongoing.

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The course can be accessed anytime after purchase.

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The course can be accessed anytime after purchase.


6 hours

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  • You will generate at least 1000 ideas by the end of this training
  • You will become at least 10 times more effective at creating successful business ideas
  • You will remove your creative blocks and will activate your super-fast brain (it works 1M times faster)
  • Most likely you will have started a new business or expanded an existing one soon after the training.
  • You will significantly increase your chances for success in every endeavor
  • You will learn the most advanced methods of creating ideas that will make breakthroughs in your business
  • You will learn how to create numerous successful ideas in less than 15 minutes per day
  • You will have fun during the training and will make one of the biggest leaps towards new achievements that you have ever made

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Anyone who wants to learn how to come up with successful business ideas.

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Singapore Citizens Aged 40 Years Old & Above


Singapore Citizens/ Spr Aged 39 Years Old & Below