Training Provider
Total of 6 hours 3 sessions of 2 hours each in weekday evenings The workshop will be conducted over 2 weeks. There will be in-class and after class assignments and activities to help you plan and manage your career and financial aims.
Who it’s for
Grab Driver Partners who would like to realign, refocus their longer term hopes towards financial and career planning.
Programme Outcome

“Driving with an Aim – Career and Financial Planning Workshop” will help you gain career and financial planning perspectives.

Programme Description

Being a Grab Driver Partner helped you take ownership of your time and livelihood. How about your career and financial goals of your life?

“Driving with an Aim” is a career and finance planning workshop for Grab Driver Partners to leverage on driving responsibilities while moving forward towards a strong career aim and financial goals.

Training Mode
Virtual Online Zoom
Group Size
Minimum of 4 participants, maximum of 6 participants
What to Expect

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