The Ultimate Food and Restaurant Business Course

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Learning Outcomes

What You Learn
  • The critical importance of cash flow, calculating break even and the 30/30/30 model.
  • Why you need a clear concept and USP.
  • Why accurate costs & GP’s for all your dishes are essential.
  • How POS, reservations systems and other software can make you more money & provide invaluable data.
  • Optimal menu design, menu engineering and GP’s both in theory and practice.
  • What to consider in choosing a location, what’s in a lease, and preparing a landlord pack.
  • The customer and service journey and why it is important to map these.
  • The importance of branding & marketing together with social media & websites.
  • Why the mantra “Tax Is Not Yours” is essential.
  • Start-up costs and overheads including a comprehensive list.
  • Sources of funding and their pro’s and con’s.
  • How to put together a business plan, financials and plan an elevator pitch for investors.

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Singapore Citizens Aged 40 Years Old & Above
Singapore Citizens/ Spr Aged 39 Years Old & Below