Logistics and Supply Chains – Fundamentals, Design, Operations

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Learning Outcomes

What You Learn
  • You’ll have a thorough understanding of the role played by the logistics and supply chain function, particularly in terms of its key activities and ultimate aim
  • You’ll learn how to develop, plan, and implement logistics and supply chain strategies that address capacity, external integration, and global operations
  • You’ll understand the factors involved in facilities location decisions, including costing and scoring models
  • You’ll be able to use tactical methodologies like MRP and JIT for capacity planning and supply chain control
  • You’ll discover the best ways to improve purchasing, procurement, and transportation functions by learning how to choose suppliers and cost modes of transport
  • You’ll understand the significance of the roles played by warehouse activities, equipment, and layout and operations
  • You’ll know how to manage, calculate, and control inventory costs, economical order quantities, lead times, periodic review systems
  • You’ll discover how to effectively measure and analyse your supply chain performance and operations in order to improve logistics and increase market resiliency
  • You’ll understand best practices for managing returns and achieving social, economic, and environmental responsibility
  • You’ll learn all the essential lean tools and techniques you need to improve your business process, achieve customer delight, and realise operational excellence

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