How to Sell on Tiktok Shop (the Future of eCommerce)

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The course can be accessed anytime after purchase.

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The course can be accessed anytime after purchase.


5 hours

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Learning Outcomes

What You Learn
  • How to Open a Tiktok Shop, Scale it, and Sell Products to Billions of People
  • How to Setup a Tiktok Shop
  • An Overview of how to navigate through the backend of Tiktok Shops
  • What You Can’t Sell on Tiktok Shop
  • Ways Viewers Can Purchase from Your Tiktok Shop
  • How to Add Products to a Tiktok Shop
  • How to Get More Sales on Tiktok Shop
  • How to setup shipping templates for Tiktok Shop
  • How to connect your bank account to Tiktok Shop
  • How to link a Tiktok page to a Tiktok Shop
  • How to Setup Affiliates to Promote Your Products for You
  • How to Create Videos to Promote Your Tiktok Shop Products
  • How to Fulfill a Tiktok Shop Order
  • Replicable examples of Tiktok Shops that are Crushing it Right Now
  • The Lazy Way to Get Millions of Views Fast on Tiktok
  • How to Download Hundreds of Tiktok Videos Instantly
  • How to Promote your Tiktok Shop Products
  • And much more!

Entry Requirements

Who is Suitable?

Anyone who has an interest in starting a business selling on TikTok.

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Singapore Citizens Aged 40 Years Old & Above


Singapore Citizens/ Spr Aged 39 Years Old & Below