How to Build a Platform that Serves Millions

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How to Build a Platform that Serves Millions

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Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Course Description

Do you have an interest in startup or tech business? Interested to know the knick-knacks of what it takes to start a business in this area? You have registered for the right course! Below are some information for you before you get started!

Why You Should Apply

This short course is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, product managers, and anyone passionate about creating digital platforms that can scale to serve a massive user base.

Course Duration

8 hours (1 hour of video content)

Training Mode

Asynchronous e-Learning / Self-paced Online Course

What Jobs Will It Pave The Way To?

This introductory immersive course is designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and platform enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills to construct robust digital ecosystems.

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Learning Outcomes

What You'll Learn

From the personal sharing, you can expect to learn lots of advice in marketing, funding, talent development to the running of business operations.  It is hoped that after going through all videos, you will be able to apply the information shared into your own business and projects.

This online course comprises 6 chapters, covering topics like understanding the structure of tech businesses, effective customer and investor attraction strategies, talent development essentials, and the intricacies of scaling operations for sustained success.


Chapter 1: Structure of a Tech Business

Gain insights into the importance of organizational alignment with business goals and objectives.


Chapter 2: Attracting Customers

Implement effective marketing and branding techniques to attract a diverse user base.


Chapter 3: Attracting Investors

Understand the investor landscape and develop strategies for building successful partnerships.


Chapter 4: Talent Development

Explore methods for fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning within the organization.


Chapter 5: Scaling the Business

Develop a scalable growth strategy that aligns with the evolving needs of the business.


By the end of the course, participants will possess the skills and knowledge required to conceptualize, build, and scale platforms capable of serving millions of users. Join us and unlock the secrets to successful platform development with the expertise of Carousell Singapore.

Entry Requirements

Who Should Enrol

Grab Partners or anyone who are interested in startup or tech business. 

(No prior knowledge needed as this in an introductory course)

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Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old & above


Singapore Citizens aged 39 years old & below